July 2015 Business Highlight

Meekoz Unlimited ~The Official BNOC supplier specializing in Swag specifically for Black In Orange County (BNOC) and other generally cool accessories like the one to the <<< Left.  Click the photo to see more. 

Black In Orange County Swag will look great on you. Help support great causes.  Be Chic - Be You.

We are a family that believes in expression, a vital necessity in a diverse world.  Our goals are to ensure that we keep our family together through nurturing and understanding. Our family has given this business all their heart and dedication to succeed. We are bonded together to provide a quality product and a fantastic customer experience. We appreciate the opportunity to enhance your visit with products you can enjoy anywhere. Please take time to contact us if you have any questions. Find us at www.Meekoz.com.

Thank you for your support.

 Aren't you glad you found "you"... 

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Visit our online store.  You can also find us at cultural events like the OC Black History Month Parade - February 6th 2016 10am.

Black In Orange County ~ A Nonprofit Community Service and Networking Organization focusing on things of interest to African American Communities  in OC, LA & the IE.

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