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Empowered by Joi: ~~SPMG Media, the fastest growing boutique Media and PR firm in the US, recently announced the addition of Empowered by Joi and founder, radio host and author Joi Hall to its diverse roster of Speakers & Lifestyle clients. SPMG Media will execute a comprehensive public relations and marketing campaign designed to increase awareness for Joi Hall as a motivational/inspirational speaker/expert and position Empowered by Jo as an innovative resource with a mission to empower, strengthen and promote individuals, families and communities through education by facilitating access to resources.

In early 2014, Empowered by Joi partnered with Psychotherapy Plus, Inc, located in San Bernardino, CA, on their signature program "Dying To Be Thin Youth Eating Disorder Awareness Campaign/Movement". This program is designed to bring awareness to the severity of mental health disease/self-image problem that has reached epidemic proportions amongst elementary through high school aged children. “I have been blessed with a platform to reach people on a global level through the Empowered by Joi Radio Show on Talking with Truth, youth workshops and speaking engagements, as well as being a guest on radio and television talk shows.

I teach the youth how to find their happy healthy self through self- empowerment, self -reflection, having a good body image and self-esteem, fitness & eating healthy, and being focused on community rather than just yourself,” states Ms. Hall. She is currently co-writing “31 Days to Finding Your True Beauty From the Inside Out” with Life Coach Kristina Patterson. This book is targeted towards tweens and teens.

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